New CFI Calculator V.2.0 is coming soon!

The module, Fire Dynamics Calculations is launching V.2.0 of the CFI Calculator and supplementary bonus features will also be incorporated into the launch. The application has upgraded its platform to incorporate the most up-to-date scientific calculations being used in the field by fire investigators. The calculator contains comprehensive help files and drop downs for the new formulas: Sprinkler Activation, Heat Release Rate and Time to Ignition derived from the Scientific Method. The enhancements will be accessible through the Windows, Pocket PC and Palm versions.

The Fire Dynamics Calculations module was created in 2006 and the original segment was streamed live as a virtual classroom or Webinar, where Dr. James G. Quintiere and ATF Special Agent Robert J. Schaal presented the CFI Calculator and the purpose behind it. Attendees were given a pre-Webinar assignment and were able to ask specific questions on the calculator and take part in a survey. The Webinar was turned into the Fire Dynamics Calculations module and users now go in and do the pre-work assignment, listen to the program and take a final examination.

As a result of its success, a CFI Calculator User’s Guide PDF has been created and will be unveiled soon. The User Guide is being written to give more insight on the purpose of the calculator, origin and cause of the formulas and suggestions on downloading the application. It will also explain how the formulas and CFI Calculator are designed to assist the field investigator in the analysis of fire behavior, analyze witness statements and predict results when conducting tests and experimentation. Instructors will be able to use the User Guide to teach seminars at annual training conferences and chapter meetings. The PDF will be obtainable as a download on the internal page of the Fire Dynamics Calculations module.

Plus, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page will be added listing the most common questions that have arisen during the download or installation process of the older version of the CFI Calculator.

Stay tuned to for the debut of the CFI Calculator V.2.0.

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