Emerging Technologies in Fire Investigation

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Disclaimer- NFPA and other resource editions cited within the CFITrainer.Net site were current as of the release of the respective modules. The field of fire investigation and its guiding documents are constantly evolving and it is incumbent upon the fire investigator to remain up to date with the guidance in the current editions of the documents referenced in all modules on CFITrainer.Net, regardless of which edition was used in the writing of the module.
Program Abstract

Emerging technologies and technologies that have yet to be applied or have been only recently applied to fire investigations may offer fire investigators new investigative tools that can improve the accuracy and completeness of their investigations. Identifying these new developments, determining which technologies to add to your toolbox, and becoming proficient at using these technologies requires constant professional education. In this program, we will look at emerging technologies that fire investigators are integrating into their daily investigative work with great success.

The technologies and tools featured in this module are not mandatory. No endorsement of any specific product is implied by virtue of the fact that it is mentioned or shown in this module. If the fire investigation professional chooses to use any of the tools or technologies explained in this module, it is incumbent upon that professional to do so in accordance with his/her/their department's policies and procedures and consistent with applicable laws in that jurisdiction. The fire investigation professional should obtain any relevant instruction or training prior to implementing new techniques and tools at the fire scene.

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