New Multi-Program Certificate in Fire Investigation Specifically for the Insurance Industry

The International Association of Arson Investigators is pleased to announce that CFITrainer.Net has launched a new multi-program certificate, "Fire Investigation for the Insurance Industry," for insurance personnel who participate in the investigation of fire scenes to improve their skills. Insurance professionals interact with fire cases in many different ways, but may not get the training that gives them a broader understanding of fire investigation and operating at post-fire scenes. Completing this certificate will improve your understanding of fire investigation as it relates to your practice of operating at post-fire scenes and providing information in civil proceedings.

Registered users who complete ten CFITrainer.Net programs related to insurance and fire investigation will earn the Fire Investigation for the Insurance Industry Certificate:

  • Discovery in Civil Cases
  • Insurance and the Fire Investigation
  • MagneTek: A Case Study In The Daubert Challenge
  • Motive, Means, and Opportunity: Determining Responsibility in an Arson Case
  • NFPA 1033 & 921: 2022/2021 Editions Important Updates
  • Personal Protective Equipment for Post-Fire Scenes
  • The Scientific Method for Fire and Explosion Investigation
  • Understanding the Fire Investigator’s Job: A Guide for Non-Investigators
  • Understanding Undetermined
  • What the Insurance Professional Needs to Know About Fire Investigation

To complete each program required for the Fire Investigation Safety multi-program certificate, view all the sections of each required module, complete the required readings, and pass the Skills Challenge test. Once all modules have been completed, a downloadable certificate will become available on the certificate's main page, which can be accessed from the User Dashboard entry for the certificate or from the Multi-Program Certificates page. The multi-program certificate, once completed, is also added to the transcript. You must be logged into CFITrainer.Net to earn the certificate.

Actions of insurance professionals in fire cases can have significant impacts on the resolution of the claim and on any litigation that results from the claim. A stronger understanding of fire investigation and of the role of insurance information in that investigation can help insurance professionals do their jobs better. The required modules for the CFITrainer.Net Fire Investigation for the Insurance Industry Certificate deliver actionable information you can put into practice.

The new certificate is available now. The certificate is free, supported by a Fire Prevention & Safety Grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Some users may discover that they actually have already earned the certificate by previously completing the required online programs, or are very close to earning it. To check their certificate status, users should log into their CFITrainer.Net account and look at the User Dashboard display to see how many programs they have completed toward the certificate.

In some states and jurisdictions, earning the certificate may count toward fulfilling your continuing education requirements. Print your certificate and present it to your supervisor so you can discuss how you might receive credit in your department for completing this training. Talk to your supervisor or training officer about requiring that all personnel who operate at post-fire scenes earn the Fire Investigation for the Insurance Industry Certificate

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