Multi-Program Certificates

CFITrainer.Net Multi-Program Certificates offer a way to follow a thematic program of study to earn a certificate of completion that covers a broader array of knowledge and skills than a single module can accomplish. Each multi-program certificate has different required modules that have been selected because of their relevance to a particular topic. The required modules will be listed on each certificate's description page. Once you are logged in, your User Console will display your progress toward earning each multi-program certificate using a series of checkboxes. Your progress is also available on the certificates's description page and in either Programs in Progress or Completed Programs.
To complete each program required for a particular multi-program certificate, view all the sections of each required module, complete the required readings, and pass the Skills Challenge test. Once you have completed the certificate requirements,  a downloadable certificate will become available in the User Console, on your Completed Programs page, and on the certificate's description page. The multi-program certificate, once completed, is added to your transcript.
In some states and jurisdictions, earning the certificate may count toward fulfilling your continuing education requirements. Print your certificate and present it to your commanding officer so you can discuss how you might receive credit in your department for completing this training. Talk to your chief or training officer about requiring all fire officers to take CFITrainer.Net modules and earn the Principles of Fire Investigation Certificate. Mention the certificate to your colleagues, and encourage them to check out CFITrainer.Net and complete the modules to earn their own certificate. And, share this page with your social network to make them aware of the certificate opportunity. 

Multi-Program Certificates

Fire Investigation for Fire Officers
This multi-program certificate covers core skills needed by fire officers who are tasked with initial origin and cause investigation responsibility. (more)
Principles of Fire Investigation
This multi-program certificate covers essential fire investigation knowledge and skills. (more)

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