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The Deposition Part 2: Questioning Tactics and Effective Responses

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One of the legal proceedings that may require the fire investigator to testify is a deposition. Deposing attorneys employ a variety of tactics to learn about the expert witness giving testimony, to try to unsettle that witness to see how he/she handles such pressure, and to probe for weaknesses to exploit.The investigator can ensure that his/her testimony accurately reflects his/her work on the case by understanding these tactics and using effective counters.When questioning turns contentious, it can be challenging to maintain focus and professionalism and provide accurate, truthful answers.This module teaches effective ways to respond to the most common questioning tactics.

This module is the second in a two-part series on depositions. It is recommended that the user first complete the module "The Deposition Part 1: Format, Content, and Preparation", then proceed with this module.
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