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The Deposition Part 1: Format, Content, and Preparation

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Credit Hours: 3
One of the legal proceedings that may require the fire investigator to testify is a deposition. Depositions are often related to civil proceedings, but more and more jurisdictions are using them in criminal cases. The setting of and attendees in the deposition differs from those of a courtroom hearing or trial. However, the deposition is testimony, just as if you were in a courtroom.This module introduces the fire investigator to the elements of a deposition and discusses the various lines of questioning typically pursued during the proceeding.The module concludes with a brief discussion of how a fire investigator should prepare for the deposition.

This module is the first in a two-part series on depositions. It is recommended that the user take this module first, then take "The Deposition Part 2: Questioning Tactics and Effective Responses."
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