"Who are you going to call?" Fire Investigator Resource Program

Crofton, Maryland - January 5, 2012 - Fire investigators are getting a great opportunity from many leaders of our country's fire investigative resources!

The International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) is solidifying plans with the FDNY for the springtime release of "Who are you going to call?" The program is designed to help fire investigators work smarter in an ever-intensifying business environment that has them engulfed in complex laws, increased demands for documentation, credibility and massive amounts of information and resources.

"Who are you going to call?" is the brain child of Joseph Toscano, an expert in fire investigation and a long-time member of the IAAI. He and many of his peers in the industry have gathered together leaders from the private and public sector including NFPA, NIST, ATF, the USFA and many others to discuss and present fire investigation resources which will include tools, tests and any other collected and available reliable data.

Designed to give investigators information in a format they can use, "Who are you going to call?" is a three-part program beginning with an online module that is in development and will be featured on www.cfitrainer.net. Following the release of the module, a live and concentrated, one-day program will take the audience through case studies, presentations and discussions about where and how to find the resources you need to work or make a case. It's not just about fighting arson; good investigation is at the core of prevention. The goal of "Who are you going to call?" is to get the right resources in the hands of the investigator. Sometime late in 2012, the IAAI plans to release a new mobile application that will give the fire investigator instant access via laptop, phone or tablet to a database of contacts and ever-growing resources. Attendees to the inaugural "Who are you going to call?" event hosted by FDNY will automatically be part of a beta test for the new mobile app.

Demands on fire investigators are greater than ever. Investigators are required to prove their opinions through scientific and systematic validation. While investigations over the years have focused on opinions of the origin and cause of fires, today our world requires proof and validation. Science continues to move ahead at a rapid pace and investigators unaware of new technologies could be left by the wayside.

For one intense day this spring, a group of investigators will gather at The Rock (New York City's Fire Department's training facility on Randall's Island). They will be the first group as the IAAI kicks off this event in New York. Plans have the event traveling to other major cities around the country in the future.

Those who register for this unique event will experience the following:
  • Learn to navigate the complex and rapidly changing resources for fire investigation
  • Review real fire scenarios/case studies
  • Participate in live, interactive exercises to demonstrate new best practices
  • Presentations from federal, state, public and private sector on their available resources
  • Information and sources of new technology
The IAAI is offering a reduced early registration rate of $75.00 with lunch for this initial one-of-a-kind training & education opportunity until February 15, 2012. The cost will be $90.00 after February 15. Attendance is limited and early indications are that The Rock may have trouble staying afloat! This event is sure to be a sell-out. Don't be shut out.

Date: Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Location: "The Rock" FDNY Bureau of Training-Randall's Island Building 9 New York, New York 10035-5180

Contact: Gloria Ryan for the IAAI (410) 451-3473

Go to www.firearson.com for more information and registration.

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