Arc Mapping shoot at SVARE

This guy holds energized wires in his hand and sets them on fire! He is proving a point and he is a great communicator. Matt Dubbin, a forensic engineer from SVARE forensic engineering is part of an upcoming module on

The production crew traveled to the SVARE engineering location in northern Minnesota in July to both interview Matt for the new program and capture some b-roll showing wires arcing to help with the module development.

The module will educate and inform fire investigators on how to recognize the role that electricity and electrical circuits can play in the cause of a fire. The production crew from Stonehouse Media Incorporated traveled to Isanti, MN last week to capture the interview and additional footage of arcing.

Matthew Dubbin is a Svare engineer and he also works as an electrical investigation instructor for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. With Dubbin's background and knowledge, CFI members will have the opportunity to hear firsthand about how to use arc mapping's value and utility as an investigative tool.

Stay tuned to in early August to experience "Arc Mapping Basics." News Archive