New on CFITrainer.Net: Fire Investigator Job Aids

CFITrainer.Net is pleased to launch a new resource, Job Aids. CFITrainer.Net Job Aids provide reference and assistance in completing major fire investigation tasks. Every scene is different and may not need every item in the Job Aid, but it is a helpful tool to assist the fire investigation professional in working through executing that task while applying their knowledge, skills, and experience to determine actions to take at a particular scene. Job Aids are free and do not require a CFITrainer.Net login. The fire investigation professional decides how to best use a Job Aid and integrate it into their workflow.

There are two types of Job Aids.

The first type of Job Aids are form-fillable PDFs that can be used during the fire investigation process to accomplish scene examination tasks. The PDF can be filled out on scene using a tablet, laptop, phone, or other device. The PDF can also be printed out and used as a pen-and-paper tool.

The second type of Job Aids are handout reference guides and templates available in PDF. These Job Aids are not form-fillable. For greatest ease of use, CFITrainer.Net recommends printing out handout reference guides and templates Job Aids.

This CFITrainer.Net Job Aids resource launched with a form-fillable Site Safety Assessment Checklist Job Aid. This Site Safety Assessment Checklist Job Aid includes tasks for arrival, initial evaluation, building construction details, exterior assessment, interior assessment, scene management, diagramming, and hazard identification, mitigation, and monitoring. [screen cap of Site Safety Assessment Job Aid pages] Simply download the Checklist, bring it up on your device at the scene, and check off items when completed, type in details and notes, and even draw using Acrobat Reader’s tools (if your device enables them). If desired, save the completed Checklist with your scene documentation. Alternatively, you can use the checklist without filling it out or print and use a paper copy.

CFITrainer.Net will be rolling out new Job Aids in the future. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future Job Aids. Please use our Support Request form and select “Suggestion for Improvement” under “Request Type.”

Try the Site Safety Assessment Checklist Job Aid today!

Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended to view, print, and fill out PDF files.

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