New iPad App for Fire Investigators!

The Fire Scene Evidence Collection Guide app from the International Association of Arson Investigators puts detailed proper procedures for collecting more than 30 types of evidence at your fingertips. Each type of evidence includes a step-by-step written collection procedure. Many of the collection procedures are also demonstrated in video. Types of evidence covered in the Guide include: fire debris, fingerprints, hair, fiber, DNA, bodily fluids, documents, impressions, toolmarks, oils and greases, paint, wood, soil, electronic devices, and tape. In addition, the app includes answers to frequently asked questions about evidence collection, important tips for evidence preservation, and guidance on more complicated situations like multiple examination processes to be performed on the same item.

The collection procedures content of the Fire Scene Evidence Collection Guide was developed from recognized references and the input of a group of evidence collection and examination experts. Reference resources used to develop the procedures and FAQ answers included: the ATF’s Crime Scene and Evidence Collection Handbook, NFPA 921, Kirk’s Fire Investigation, A Pocket Guide to Accelerant Evidence Collection, Fire Debris Analysis, Best Practices for Seizing Electronic Evidence, CFITrainer.Net® Evidence Collection Toolbox (online), interfire VR, and multiple scientific journal articles. The expert group vetted, revised, and approved all the written content. IAAI provided on-scene supervision during the filming of the video demonstrations. The names of the experts who participated in developing the Guide are listed in the Contributors tab in the app. The reference publications are listed on the References tab and after certain FAQ answers.

The Fire Scene Evidence Collection Guide is available for iPad in the iTunes store.

Releases for additional device types are planned. News Archive