New Content Added to Evidence Collection Toolbox

CFITrainer.Net is pleased to announce a content upgrade to the popular Evidence Collection Toolbox. New video and text content has significantly improved the recommended evidence collection procedures for Wood Flooring, Baseboard Molding, Cardboard, Linoleum, Carpet, Stairs, Soil and Grass, Concrete, suspected Ignitable Liquid Pools, Fire Debris, Footwear, Paint Chips and Particles, and Small Glass Fragments. Now, users can watch video showing proper collection of many of these items, as well as read and print step-by-step directions.

The CFITrainer.Net Evidence Collection Toolbox details evidence collection and packaging procedures for over 50 types of evidence items encountered at the fire scene. The Toolbox also includes a brief discussion of evidence testing options available for each item. The Toolbox is an excellent resource for investigators to refresh their memory on collection procedures for a certain item and to learn how less common items are collected. All pages are printable for your investigative toolkit. As always, investigators should contact their forensic laboratory to confirm procedures before you collect evidence you are unfamiliar with. The Toolbox is periodically updated with new items and when recommended procedures change.

The CFITrainer.Net Evidence Collection Toolbox is available free to CFITrainer.Net members by clicking the “Resources” button in the left navigation menu on this page, then selecting " Evidence Collection Toolbox".

Updated sections:
Baseboard Molding
Stair Treads
Ignitable Liquid Pool

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