Individual Development Plans Now Available from CFITrainer.Net

CFITrainer.Net is pleased to launch a new professional development tool for registered users: customized Individual Development Plans (IDP). An individual development plan is a written record of your career goals and the action plan for how you will achieve them. Creating an IDP helps you think through what you want from your career and which training and work experience resources will get you there. The IDP also is a way for you and your organization to talk about your professional development and get on the same page. If you aren't already having that conversation, an IDP is a great way to start it. An IDP isn't a performance review. It's a forward-looking tool to grow and excel in your job. And you have control over its content.

Many organizations require IDPs and every professional can benefit from defining their goals and planning how to achieve them through training and work experiences. In short, an IDP takes advantage of your strengths, talents, and interests and plans how you will expand your skills and competencies to grow into the next step in your career. An IDP will help you grow in your career, but it can feel daunting to put one together. Where do you start? CFITrainer.Net has made it easy for you to create IDPs to support your professional development.

CFITrainer.Net's IDP tool is an online form that converts your responses to a downloadable PDF formatted as an individual development plan you can sign and submit to your supervisor. The IDP tool is integrated with CFITrainer.Net's modules and multi-program certificates and the IAAI's in-person classes, so you just select any relevant ones from a dropdown list. If you don't see the IAAI class you want to take in the list but it is offered on, you can enter its details as Other Training Program.

But the content of the IDP you create is not limited to training available on CFITrainer.Net or from the IAAI. You can add training course details from any provider, list work assignments that build toward your goal, include activities like mentorship or apprenticeship, and specify certifications or other credentials you intend to earn. If you enter the cost of each element in your plan, IDP calculates the total cost of the training you have laid out. You can create multiple IDPs, save them, edit them, and download them. CFITrainer.Net keeps a record of all your IDPs so you can access them at any time and update them as needed.

An IDP is meant to be shared with your supervisor to plan out your professional development, so it has signature spaces so you and your supervisor can agree to the plan and file it formally with your organization. But you can also use IDP just for yourself. It's a great way to think through where you want your career to go and organize what you need to do to get there.

It's easy to get started creating an IDP. Your relevant personal information from your CFITrainer.Net record is already included, you just need to add the training details to support your goals.

Try CFITrainer.Net's Individual Development Plan tool.

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