IAAI-FIT® Designation Gains Popularity and Recognition

IAAI’s Fire Investigation Technician Professional Designation (IAAI-FIT®), available since October 2009, is a credential that signifies verification of an applicant’s fundamental knowledge as measured against core job performance requirements established by the professional qualification standards for fire investigation defined in NFPA 1021, NFPA 1033, and NFPA 1037.

In less than two years, more than 450 fire investigation professionals in the US and worldwide have earned the IAAI-FIT® designation. Many IAAI-FIT® designees are using the program as a stepping stone to earning their IAAI-CFI® certification as they progress in their career path. “In today’s job market, you really need credentials that make you stand out,” says Chris Burt, who administers the IAAI-FIT®. “The IAAI-FIT® designation is an affirmation that you have taken the appropriate training and understand those concepts. It’s an affirmation both for you and for the agency or company that employs you.”

The diversity of applicants for the IAAI-FIT® designation shows how the program meets the needs of a variety of professionals. Applicants come from both the public and private sector, from people working in the fire investigation field from 18 months to the seasoned professional fire investigators with many years of experience.

The IAAI-FIT® program has two unique aspects.

First, to earn the IAAI-FIT® designation, an applicant must complete a combination of online training on CFITrainer.Net®, 30-40 hours of in-person tested training, and pass a comprehensive examination. Applicants can choose one of two tracks to fulfill these requirements. Because both of these tracks require certain CFITrainer.Net® modules, many CFITrainer.Net® users may actually be partway to earning the IAAI-FIT® designation and not be aware of it.

Second, the IAAI-FIT® designation must be renewed every three years by providing documentation of 18 months of general work experience and 48 additional hours of tested training during that time. This renewal ensures that IAAI-FIT® designees continue their professional development and stay “up to date” as required by NFPA 1033. Once the credential has been earned, earning certificates of completion for additional CFITrainer.Net® modules counts toward the additional hours of tested training required for IAAI-FIT® designation renewal.

“We encourage all CFITrainer.Net® users to consider applying for the IAAI-FIT® designation,” says Kirk Hankins, Chair of the IAAI Certified Fire Investigators Committee. “By taking a few specific CFITrainer.Net modules, you are already well on your way to earning the designation and furthering both your knowledge and your professional career. And, your continuing use of CFITrainer.Net® helps keep you up to date and fulfill the designation’s renewal requirements.”

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