Evidence Module now Featured on CFITrainer.net.

The Introduction to Evidence module launched early this week and is currently the featured program on CFITrainer.net. The new online module by the IAAI delivers professional interviews, background information and graphical demonstrations on evidence. The module is separated into seven sections titled: What is Evidence, The Legal Aspects of Evidence, Rules of Evidence, Spoliation, Notification Requirements, The Investigator as Expert Witness and Preparing for Trial.

“The newest CFITrainer.net module offers an extraordinary opportunity for fire professionals to learn first-hand from interviews conducted with legal experts that present sound advice on investigating and collecting evidence at a fire scene,” said International Association of Arson Investigators’ President, Tom Fee. “Viewers participating in the module will have the ability to walk away with a better understanding on the importance of evidence collection and incorporate these practices into their day-to-day investigations.”

The production for the Introduction to Evidence module started on July 18, 2007, at the Ernest F. Hollings National Advocacy Center (NAC) in Columbia, S.C. Stonehouse Media Incorporated writers and production crew traveled to Columbia to conduct and shoot interviews with Mary Galvin and Frederick B. Tedford (Ted). Mary Galvin was the first woman prosecutor in the state of Connecticut and Dean of the Education Division of the National District Attorney’s Association, while Ted Tedford is an attorney for Tedford and Henry, LLP and has an expertise in fire science litigation which he exercised for the plaintiff in the landmark case of Travelers Property Casualty Corp. v. Namerow, 261 Conn. 784 (2002).
Additionally the newest module on CFITrainer.net provides resources relevant to evidence collection including a detailed reading list, reference materials and a final test on the module.

Stay tuned to CFITrainer.net to view the-most-up-to-date programs in fire investigation.

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