Donate Today? Why?

You might have noticed the big new "Donate Today" button on our site and you have probably received a few emails from the President and Executive Director of the IAAI. Yes, we are starting to look for your help to support CFITrainer.Net®.

CFITrainer® has been a project of the IAAI for some years now, and we have developed a great following. CFITrainer.Net® registered users have completed over one million credit hours of tested online training. The actual number of hours of training far exceeds one million when you take into account users who have not completed all sections of a module or taken the certificate of completion test for a module. (You can tell if you're one of those folks if you look just under your name once you login it will say "programs in progress" or "programs completed.")

We are very fortunate and grateful for the support of the DHS/FEMA/USFA Fire Service Grant program. Without these grants, we would have never been able to launch and produce content. At the same time, we continue to look for more grant funding; the grant people are asking us about sustainability. We need to show them that you support the network and that we can move forward even if the grant funding is interrupted. This is why we have a new button and a campaign asking for your support of CFITrainer.

Donations are coming in which is great, but we are far from our goal. The IAAI continues to seek grant funding and look for more partners and sponsors.

In the upcoming months, we'll be adding some new modules on electricity and temperature, and another new one on "process of elimination." We are also stepping up production on some new podcasts.

We hope you understand the need for us to ask for donations and we will do our best to keep our fundraising efforts as low key as possible. Please take a minute and donate now. Whatever you can do will help us to keep CFITrainer® free and sustainable.


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