Certificate Refreshes Now Available

Certificate Refreshes Now Available for CFITrainer.Net® Self-Paced Programs

One of the most frequent requests we receive from CFITrainer.Net registered users is the capability to refresh the completion certificates earned from taking CFITrainer.Net self-paced programs (commonly called "modules"). Many organizations, departments, agencies, educational institutions, and states accept CFITrainer.Net credits to fulfill continuing education requirements. These entities often have retraining, recertification, or similar requirements whereby individuals must demonstrate their continuing knowledge on a particular subject. While all CFITrainer.Net program content remains available even after the registered user has passed the Skills Challenge test and earned the completion certificate for that program, until now there has not been a way to update the date on that certificate to reflect the user's refreshed knowledge of the material in the program.

Now, there is. CFITrainer.Net has deployed a new program completion certificate refresh capability. One year after a registered user passes the Skills Challenge test for a program, that program will now be available for a "refresh." Once the registered user initiates the refresh, s/he must watch all of the program content again and successfully pass the Skills Challenge test again. When the test has been successfully passed, the downloadable certificate for that program is updated with the newest refresh completion date.

The registered user's transcript is also updated with the new completion date. Previous completion dates are retained on both the transcript and the program completion certificates.

The certificate refresh capability is only available for programs that have been completed (meaning the Skills Challenge test was passed) at least one year ago. Once you pass the test again on a refresh opportunity, the clock "resets" and after another year has passed, you may choose to refresh again and thereby update your certificate date. Thus, refreshes are available annually for all self-paced programs.

Certificate refreshes can be initiated from the Completed Programs page using the link titled "Refresh Skills Challenge Certificate" or from the Program Details page for an individual program using the button named "Refresh Skills Challenge Certificate."

Simply click the button, verify that you wish to refresh, watch all sections of the program again, and pass the Skills Challenge test. Then, you will be able to download your updated certificate and transcript.

The certificate refresh link or button will only be visible if that program was last completed one year or more ago.

For questions about certificate refreshes, please file a support ticket. News Archive