CFITrainer.Net Adds New Transcript Features

CFITrainer.Net has added new features to its transcript function that enable all registered users to refine their transcript entries by date and request that an official transcript be emailed to a person they designate. These new features allow users to better tailor their transcripts to meet a particular professional development need.

Filtering the modules and multi-program certificates displayed on your transcript by date enables you to control which training programs appear on the transcript. This can be useful in a number of ways. For example, if you have to demonstrate training for recertification during a particular time period, you can now restrict the transcript to display only the programs you completed during that time period. Or, if your department requires completing a certain number of hours of continuing education every year, you can use the date filtering to show only the programs completed during a particular calendar year. The new date filter gives you the flexibility to tailor the display of your completed programs to particular needs like these. If you filter your transcript by a date range, that date range is applied to the downloadable and printable versions as well until you use the "Clear" link to reset the date filter, so be sure you are downloading the transcript display you want.

The second new feature allows registered users to request that an official copy of their transcript be emailed to a person of their choosing. This enables users to provide independent proof of program completion, which may be needed for academic courses of study, class pre-requisites, certifications, job applications, or legal requirements. The official transcript is emailed directly to the designated individual, bears a watermark, and includes explanatory text to help the recipient understand how to interpret the transcript's information. Official transcripts can be generated in combination with using the date filter and, as such, will show only completed programs in that time frame. Both initial passes and refreshes appear on the transcript. In addition, all names that the user has had on their account appear on the transcript so the recipient can verify that the sender of the transcript completed all the listed programs personally. This can be particularly helpful for persons who have had legal name changes and whose current and past names may be different on different documentation. CFITrainer.Net keeps a record of all official transcripts that each registered user sends and the user can review that list at any time to verify a transcript has been sent. The sending registered user also receives a confirming email that the transcript has been sent.

These new transcript features are live now. Registered users must log in first, then pop open the Dashboard and click "Transcript." The date range appears at the top of the transcript page and the new "Request Official Transcript" button appears next to the downloadable transcript buttons.

Let us know what you think of these new features and if you have further suggestions using the Support form.

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