CFITrainer.Net® in the Classroom

At CFITrainer.Net®, we have received many anecdotal stories about instructors adding CFITrainer.Net® into their classes, including community colleges, state fire academies, and national training programs. In fact, in our recent survey, a number of respondents mentioned they were teaching classes that incorporated CFITrainer.Net® into their lesson plans.

CFITrainer.Net® is creating a formal list of all educational institutions and organizations that are including CFITrainer.Net® in their curriculum. This is a very important aspect of demonstrating the impact of CFITrainer.Net® to funding sources. It also helps us understand how the modules are being used in this context, and therefore, how we can better meet the needs of users by integrating with course curricula.

If you have taught or attended an educational institution or training course that includes CFITrainer.Net®, we would love to hear about it. Please drop us an email at and tell us:
  • The course(s) that incorporate CFITrainer.Net®
  • The name of the educational institution or organization that offered the course
  • The modules from CFITrainer.Net® that were used
  • How the modules were integrated into the course
  • Your opinion on how the CFITrainer.Net® modules benefited the class
  • Any suggestions you have for improving the linkages between CFITrainer.Net® modules and classroom instruction
In the future, we may publish a series of articles about some of the instructors and programs using CFITrainer.Net® in their classes. Thanks for taking the time to help us understand how CFITrainer.Net® is being used in the classroom context. News Archive