Launches Free Podcasts

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As part of the ongoing effort to meet the training needs of fire investigators, has launched a new feature - monthly audio Podcasts that deliver quick-hit information about new developments in fire investigation. Podcasts are free and available to all members.

The Podcasts are short, about 7-8 minutes long, so the investigator doesn't have to commit a lot of time to get a lot of information. The Podcasts are offered in a number of convenient audio formats: you can download them to your MP3 player, download them to your computer, or listen to them streaming from the web site. This offers flexibility - you can listen right now, download and listen later, or download and listen when you're on the road. All Podcasts are archived, so you don't have to worry about missing one.

Podcast content is newsy, meaning it is dictated by what's timely and includes both short stories and longer features, often including interviews with experts. And, because the podcasts are written and recorded just a few weeks before they are broadcast, the content is fresh, covering new developments and hot-button issues. Think of it like newsradio for fire investigators.

Dan Heenan, IAAI Training Liaison to, expresses enthusiasm for this new feature, "So many times, we struggle with getting the word out about what's new in our field. By the time we see something written up in a publication or offered in a training, months have often passed. These podcasts enable us to quickly disseminate new developments in a short, succinct format that the investigator can listen to anywhere - home, the office, even driving to a scene."

The first monthly Podcast, December 2008, includes a feature story on Christmas Tree fires, news items covering the new editions of NFPA 921 and 1033, how the economic downturn might impact accidental fires, new research from NIST and FDNY on the effects of wind on structure fires, and a preview of IAAI's 2009 Annual Training Conference. News Archive