CFITrainer.Net Adds Virtual Live Classes & Events

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit hard in the spring of 2020, training opportunities in fire investigation were significantly impacted. The conferences and in-person classes that many professionals rely on to build their knowledge, remain in compliance with NFPA 1033, and maintain their credentials were cancelled. Because CFITrainer.Net has been delivering training online for twenty years, we were able to fill some of that gap immediately and are grateful to have had that role. Fire investigation organizations quickly explored ways to take their in-person classes virtual and existing platforms like Zoom took off in an instant. Demand for training on CFITrainer.Net has never been stronger and we are always humbled by the trust the profession places in us for quality, vetted, accessible training.

Over the last year, the IAAI has had tremendous success offering its in-person classes virtually. Offering this live instruction with a recorded version has made the training accessible to a wider range of professionals who previously weren't able to travel to in-person classes and has decreased the cost of attending classes for those who had come in person in the past. Moving forward, IAAI is resuming its live in-person classes as COVID restrictions in local jurisdictions permit. But it's also become clear that continuing to offer live classes virtually so anyone, anywhere can attend from their computer benefits the fire investigation profession, IAAI membership, and the wider community of professionals who work in the investigation of fires.

To that end, the IAAI has built out a new capability on CFITrainer.Net to deliver virtual live classes and events permanently. Previously, virtual live classes and events were done as one-offs on Zoom with a separate testing component on the CFITrainer platform. Now, the live classes and events are being delivered through CFITrainer.Net, integrated with Zoom for delivery and IAAI's portal for registration, with certificate testing, post-event resources, and class replays all available on CFITrainer.Net.

Everything is now accessed through CFITrainer.Net using your existing login. As virtual live classes and events become available for registration, you will see them added to your Available Programs list.

You'll recognize them because of the "badge" (banner) on the class' thumbnail image that says "Register Now!" Click the program to read more about the class content and register. Once you complete the registration, the badge will change to "Registered!" On the day and time of the class, log into CFITrainer.Net, click the program name in Available Programs, then click "Launch Live Program" to join the class.

Zoom will then open and you will join the class.

After the class, the next time you log into CFITrainer.Net and go to that live class' details page, you'll be able to take the Skills Challenge test to earn your certificate of completion and access a post-event activities page of resources.

When you attend a virtual live class and pass the Skills Challenge test to earn your certificate of completion, that class is automatically added to your CFITrainer.Net transcript. If you register but have to miss the class, you simply log in after the class to watch the recorded version, then take the certificate test and access the post-event resources. Bringing live classes and events under the CFITrainer.Net umbrella gives you one central place to access all your online training, whether it's pre-recorded modules, live classes and events, resources, or this podcast. It also makes replays and post-event resources easily available. And, you'll have the certificate and transcript entry to prove your completion of the live class and event alongside everything else you have taken at CFITrainer.Net.

You must be registered with CFITrainer.Net to access the live classes and events you have registered for. If you have not previously registered for a class from the IAAI, you will have to create an account in the IAAI portal the first time you register for a class. You will also need a Zoom account (the free one is fine) to attend the virtual live class sessions.

If you are an IAAI member with both a login and a CFITrainer.Net login, the email address you use to log into both platforms must match for you to be able to use the new live classes and events feature. In April 2021, IAAI emailed instructions on how to make these emails match to all active IAAI members. If you did not receive those instructions or are having problems registering for live classes and events, please file a support ticket.

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