From the President - The IAAI Needs You

The IAAI needs you.

The International Association of Arson Investigators serves its members, private industry, law enforcement and the entire fire investigation community with expertise, resources and training. Our work serves thousands of people working to reduce loss of life and property, making a difference around our country and our world. The IAAI has huge responsibilities and delivers millions of dollars in benefits around the globe. We rely on membership dues, grants and sponsor dollars to make all of this happen. With cuts in budgets and tight financial times for many of us, the IAAI has to find new ways to raise money to support our work. As we continue to apply for grants and seek sponsors, we will also be looking to you, as a beneficiary of our services, to help us reduce the cost of what we do for our members and those yet to join the Association.

The IAAI drives to improve fire investigation and reduce arson. We deliver inexpensive training/education, designations and certifications. At the same time, we provide scholarships to those entering the world of fire investigation. Our work supports everyone in and around the fire investigation industry. Our live courses, designations and certifications, and CFITrainer.Net® need new and consistent funding to sustain our work.

Over the past year, we have communicated with many of you and looked for creative ways to raise money, while working to stay efficient in the development of our projects in order to keep the cost to our audience low. For very reasonable costs, we bolster your credibility, help your career and improve fire investigation.

In the upcoming months and years, you will be hearing from us in many ways. We will be working to communicate with you better, while at the same time asking for your donations, suggestions and sponsorships that will help us continue our important work. We thought it would be best to share our progress with you before we start asking for your help.

Today, we are lucky to have federal funding and the support of our more than 7,500 IAAI members. We are working to update and offer more content and resources online. We are also creating new live courses that are less expensive for members and we continue to grow and produce new modules and resources on CFITrainer.Net®. CFITrainer.Net® has more than 50,000 registered users that benefit from the free online training. One of the first things we hope our online users will do is join the IAAI. It is easy and inexpensive to join and we welcome your application at

We hope by making you aware of the important IAAI activities and our needs, that it will encourage you to financially support our efforts as we move forward for our members and the fire investigation community.

Roger Krupp
International Association of Arson Investigators News Archive