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Understanding the Fire Investigator’s Job: A Guide for Non-Investigators

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Although they may not be responsible for origin and cause determination, there are many "non-investigator" professionals whose duties include some aspect of the investigation of a fire incident, including public service agency managers, attorneys, insurance personnel (including adjustors and SIU personnel), law enforcement, and the fire service. For these professionals to do their jobs well requires an understanding of the fire investigator's job, how fire investigators are trained, and how to evaluate an investigator's work product. This self-paced program explains to non-investigators the role of the fire investigator, what the fire investigator does, how the fire investigator is trained, what qualifications the fire investigator must meet, the methodology for conducting a fire investigation, how the fire investigator reports findings, and how the fire investigator prepares for testimony in legal proceedings.
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How many years have you been in the fire industry?