Residential Natural Gas Systems

Credit Hours: 3
Natural gas is a common fuel gas used in residential, commercial and industrial type applications. Due to properties of the fuel, these systems may be the cause of a fire or may result in additional damage to a structure when exposed to fire. Fuel gas systems can influence the way a building burns in the following ways: as an initial fuel source, as an initial ignition source, as both fuel and ignition sources, and as factors influencing fire spread. These influences can complicate the investigative process. The fire investigator should have a basic understanding of fuel gases, fuel systems and the appliances and equipment that utilize them. This module presents the basics of natural gas and its uses and system components in a residence.

This module is part one in a two part series on natural gas.You are strongly urged to complete this module first, then take the module "Investigating Natural Gas Systems."

The natural gas modules presented on CFITrainer.Net are not intended as a comprehensive education on the topic of natural gas and/or examination of natural gas systems at a fire scene.Although many concepts are presented in the modules, these concepts are a basic introduction only and additional information, training, and education may be needed to fully understand these topics and competently evaluate a natural gas system.Therefore, completion of the natural gas modules available on CFITrainer.Net does not qualify you to examine the natural gas system at a fire scene.

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