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Managing Complex Fire Scene Investigations

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Credit Hours: 4

This module focuses on how to manage investigations that have “complicating” factors. These complicating factors can be things like fatalities, hazardous or industrial materials, multiple buildings, structural collapse, explosions, intense public interest in the incident, or multiple agency involvement. The scene doesn’t have to be physically large for the investigation to become complicated that require additional management steps to properly investigate the scene.

Putting the information in this module to work requires the local fire investigator to build an effective investigatory team by taking a fresh look at the resources already in place in the community, county, state, and nation and seeking out new resources. When creating a fire investigation plan for your community, fully explore all available resources and personnel, including the municipal police department, sheriff's department, state police or state criminal investigation bureau, medical examiner, State Fire Marshal's Office, ATF Field Office, and private contractors.

This module deals only with “on scene” tasks. The follow-up investigation is not included.

Many of approaches outlined in this module are applicable to all investigations, whether they are “complicated” or not.

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How many years have you been in the fire industry?