Fire Marshal Interchange - Offered through HSIN by the USFA

The Fire Marshal Interchange (FMI) is a secure information platform that allows fire marshals from across the United States to share knowledge and information outside jurisdictions. By sharing information on the FMI with others in your profession, you will help bring awareness to – and learn about problems and trends that threaten the lives of those we have sworn to protect from fire and life safety issues.

The world of the fire marshal is ever changing. The FMI provides you with a resource to collaborate with other like-minded professionals to discuss basic and oftentimes complex situations that arise. Interactions here can allow for better mitigation planning when confronted with significant life safety concerns.

The FMI controlled access page provides:
Training & Resource List Calendar; Training & Resource Links Section; Contacts list for Fire Marshals nationwide; Discussion Boards to share information; Reference Libraries with topical categories to share documents; and a Multimedia section to share pictures and videos.

How to join the FMI
The FMI website resides on the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN). To join the FMI:

Registered (active) HSIN users
Send your request to join the FMI to

New HSIN users
  1. Send a request to join the FMI from your assigned work-related government email account to:
  2. We will email you an invitation. Follow the instructions in the invitation.
  3. After we vet you into the HSIN, we'll notify you of your access to the FMI.
This site will allow like-minded professionals to share techniques used to mitigate various situations as they arise, thereby giving fire marshals an edge in securing better outcomes.

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. Join your fire marshal colleagues on the FMI today!

Home Page
On this page you will find a Welcome section, Training & Conference list calendar, the branding clipart created for the site, Site POC's, Training & Resource Links, and a menu on the left side to allow you to navigate through each page.

Please review and evaluate each portion of the Home Page. We are also in need of additional content to populate the List Calendar so feel free to add appropriate trainings and conferences. If you know of any resource links missed, please submit those links to for review and placement on the links column.

FMI Contacts
**Please click on the "add new item" and supply your detailed information as a new member of the site. This is where members will look to find other members for ideas, tips and suggestions for various topics.

Discussion Boards
This is an open forum information exchange. Three headings were developed to encourage open discussions and dialogue.
  • Request for Information – Seeking answers and consensus on various topics
  • For Your Information – Sharing of learned information
  • General Discussion – Free to discuss any and all topics concerning the profession
Reference Libraries – We seek your thoughts and input, along with relevant content, for these six libraries designed with the intent to share documents.
  • Administration – MOU's, SOP's, SOG's, etc.
  • Code Enforcement – Inspections, Engineering, etc.
  • Community Risk Reduction – Life safety efforts, active programs, etc.
  • Explosive Investigations – Trends, special attention items, etc.
  • Fire Investigations – Trends, special attention items, etc.
  • Legislation – Senate & House Bills, tactics used, etc.
Multimedia – Used for pictures and video sharing.
  • Photo Library – Incidents and code violations
  • Video Library – This can include the use of drones for evidence collection, along with other typical video materials.
News Archive