ATC 2009 Need to Know Training

From May 17-22, 2009, the International Association of Arson Investigators’ (IAAI) will host its Annual Training Conference (ATC) in Arlington, Texas. The conference will highlight cutting-edge training from world-renowned experts, including Dr. John DeHaan, Dr. David Icove, Dr. David Howitt, and Sgt. Jay Foster from the Texas Rangers.

Topics for this year’s seminars include:

  • Fire Experiments with Human Bodies
  • Advanced Crime Scene Documentation with the Texas Rangers
  • Fire Modeling Workshop
  • Bombing Investigations
  • The Scientific Method
  • Avoiding Spoliation
  • Effective Report Writing
  • Testifying as an Expert
  • Post Flashover Fire Behavior
  • The Firefighter Arson Problem
  • A Serial Arsonist In His Own Words
  • The Van Bateman Arson Case
  • Fire as a Terrorist Tool
  • Wind-Driven Fires in Structures
  • Spontaneous Ignition
  • Writing FEMA Fire Grants
An NFPA 921-based Fundamentals Course, widely regarded as one of the best available, will be given all week long.

Click here to see the video about the conference and other attractions in Arlington this year!

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